Unsolicated Testimonials

"That’s My Pan!® Fundraising Programs offers unique products, simplified ordering, and lightning fast shipping. All of these factors combined with the unsurpassed customer service and support made it possible for our PTO to raise a record-breaking amount not only for our school but also for That’s My Pan!®’s Fundraising Program. Our school of approximately 160 students sold over $20,000 worth of product! Due to our huge success we were able to purchase 30 brand new computers for our computer lab. We highly recommend and endorse That’s My Pan!® as the single best fundraising opportunity in the history of our organization. "



"That's My Pan was an extremely easy fund-raiser to do. Their turn around time and customer service are excellent. Thank you for a great product at a great price."

C. P.


"I have done many fundraisers for my school group. That's My Pan is one of the best fundraisers our group offers. The products are of excellent quality and the return time is superior. I would recommend your company to anybody who wants to run a successful fundraiser."

Douglas K.


"I loved dealing with you in every aspect of this fundraiser. The pans sold themselves so I had very little to do to try to get people to buy them. When I made some typo's and had to have pans replaced, they were re-delivered in record time"


"You guys are great. Keep up the wonderful relationship with others as you did with me. This is how a business should be run. Thank You!"

Diane B.


"These products are wonderful! We have big plans for future fundraisers with That's My Pan!"

Jill R.


"Great idea for Christmas and other special events during the year as a personalized gift.Great gifts for companies to give at Christmas time.I felt people liked the idea of having their name on a product."

Terry P.


"Our church was able to raise $808 in approximately three months time to go towards our building fund.The people at "That's My Pan" were extremely helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure to do business with this company.I have recommended this company and its products to a number of other folks.Everyone loves their pans!"

Nancy W.


"Love your product and all your staff have been extremely kind and helpful. I've never had a cake pan (until now) that keeps the cake so fresh. Thanks for everything."

Shirley P.


"Very fast turn around and service.We ordered three different times last year and the accuracy and great service remained the same with all orders."

Mary K.


"This was the easiest fundraiser I ever used. The pans sold themselves and we had hoped to sell 100 and sold over 300.Thank you for all your help."

Joyce M.


"I have spread the word already and 3 people have used your company as a result. Keep up the good work!!"



"Whenever we had a question it was answered right away, if you had to call them you were never given the run around. We received our orders within the 14 day period and one of them was at Christmas, a very busy time of the year. Everyone loved the pans. We got more orders after people saw our products come in. It's a great fundraiser."

Princess C.


"This has been one of the most productive, yet least stressful fundraiser I've ever done!"


"Our group has been so pleased with your product and prompt, personal services that we have recommended you to other parishes for a fundraiser."



"This was one of the best fundraisers we ever undertook. From the samples, to the ease of ordering, to the quick delivery-everything was so easy. And everyone raves about the pans and other products they purchased. I recommend this fundraiser to any group who is tired of selling chocolate and pizza!"

Carrie B.


"That's My Pan has been an excellent company to work with. We started our fundraising with them about 1 year ago and plan to continue on. When a problem does arise, it is always taken care of in a very timely manner. We went way above our goal on this fundraiser and it seems to still be going strong. Once people get the products they are usually back for more!"

Kay N.


"We would like to recommend That's My Pan as a fundraiser to anyone that is interested in having a successful and positive fundraising event!The staff at That's My Pan is very helpful and always there to answer questions for your club.The merchandise that they offer for your fundraising events are useful and items that many people are excited about purchasing.We encourage anyone to try "That's My Pan" for your next fundraising event. You will be happy that you did."

Kristin E.


"That's My Pan is a top-notch company. From the beginning of our fundraiser to the end, your associates were very helpful and friendly. The pans were easy to sell and the quick turn-around time and accuracy was unbelievable! The associate I worked with most, Cindy, was just super. Also, we had a customer who really wanted a frog design and your staff found one and we ordered it and the customer was very happy. Thanks! I would highly recommend this fundraiser!"

Chris W.


"We were very happy with the cake pan fundraiser. As the one in charge-I appreciated the no hassle attitude when an error occurred.Thank you, I have recommended you to other family members in Florida."

Cindy L.


"Quality and price.UnmatchedWonderful gifts.Great company for fundraisers!"

Tami S.


"If you like dealing with real people instead of computers you will be well pleased! Everyone I talked to was very nice and did more than I expected. It was a true pleasure and I would do this fund-raiser again in the future. Thanks again to a great company!!"

Catheryn H.


"I have dealt with many fundraisers over the years. Working with That's My Pan was a real breath of fresh air. The combination of customer service, profitability, product quality and order turn around made this my best fundraising experience. Customers are still singing the praises of That's My Pan. Thank You!"



"I think you are all a great company and one I will recommend. Thanks!"

M. F.


"Very helpful with any questions I had.We only sold pans & cutting boards. Both products were wonderful. Everyone was very pleased with the results."

Jo Ellen W.


"Our group made about $800 with this fundraiser. All we did was hand out the flyers and set up the fundraiser kit. Once people saw and felt your product, we had many order turned in! The quality of your product is what made it sell. Thank you so much for such quality products and excellent customer service!"

Trisha B.


"This was such a wonderful fundraiser. The creativity and the quality of the sample items promoted great sales! I even had a couple people request pictures or phrases that were not in the brochure and these requests were completed beautifully.I would recommend "That's My Pan" fundraiser to anyone. Due to the quality of the items, we did have a Boy Scout troop in Suburban Chicago book the fundraising program.Thank you for all your help!!"

Debbie H.


"Terrific items, very satisfied. Would recommend highly to any organization."

M. M.


"When our first order came in and was delivered, our sales exploded!"

Donna F.


"We were extremely satisfied with both the product and the service we received. There were no mistakes on your part and no complaints from the people that received them. We offered the pan for $25 and only the plain one and made a profit of $4 per pan. Others being sold in the area were $30. We were very pleased at the response."


"As for your company making any printing mistakes-there were none. If there was any question about our order, Cindy would call before it was sent to the engraver, thus avoiding any delays or having to send back. We have never had such a good company & people to work with on a fundraiser before and hope to continue to have such a wonderful experience."

Janet P.


"That's My Pan was an excellent fundraiser for the cheerleaders. I was impressed with the rapid delivery time for personalized items. Our customers were very pleased with the quality items."

Dianne R.


"Wonderful and caring people. Genuinely interested in helping groups raise funds."

Tammy B.


"Without exception, "That's My Pan!" has been such a pleasure to do business with. They are eager to serve you and to make your experience a positive one. Actually, they treat you more like a friend who just happens to be a customer."

Mary F.


"As a group, we found that the pans were easy to sell. They made great gifts and were also useful in our own kitchens. Not only did we sell many pans to others, but we purchased them for ourselves. What a great product!"

Sunday School Class


"After I received a traditional cake pan for Christmas and showed it to some of the ladies at our church. Our missionary group decided to try to sell 25 pans. They are a small group, but in about 3 months we had sold over 175 pans. We could not believe how many we sold and every order we delivered we would get more new orders in just a few days. Thanks for helping us with the greatest fundraiser we have ever had."

Garnetta P.


"This has been our best fundraiser so far. Everyone wants a cake pan once they see one. The company has been wonderful-helpful, accurate, speedy.loved the entire process. Other churches have heard about our fundraiser and have begun their own. It's helped us raise money for our mission trip to help rebuild & repair homes in rural West Virginia. Thanks so much."

Micki S.


"Our relay team of 10 members sold "over" 300 personalized cake pans. The pans sold themselves. Some team members took a sample pan along with a note and information to their jobs. We had teachers, nurses, secretaries & everyone had success in selling. The pans truly sell themselves."



"We were thrilled with our That's My Pan fundraiser. It is a unique and useful product with a lot of appeal. We whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone in need of a successful fundraiser.The turn around time was phenomenal and customer service terrific."

Rebecca K


"The uniqueness and quality of the products were a great help in our sales which yielded us larger than expected funds. The communication and shipping time were exceptional."

Faye M.


"We had a wonderful experience working with "That's My Pan"! Everyone was very pleased with the product and we made a very nice profit with very little work."

Mary J.


"We mad almost $1000 in a short period of time. The "That's My Pan" fundraiser was the easiest and best received of any fundraiser I've ever participated in. And people were very receptive to the product-definitely different than the typical candy bar or gift wrap fundraiser that we have done in the past."


"Your company was so reputable and easy to work with. Anyone I talked with answered all of my many questions, were so helpful, and most pleasant. I hold your company in high regard and have and will continue to spread the word."

Mary T.


"Thanks so much for being quick to deliver-even when I let my order get there later than intended I received it in time for Christmas delivery. Your company is great & products rank up there with company service."

Jean M.


"Great fundraiser. Very easy to do. Did not require a large group to manage it. We plan to do it again in the future."

Lisa D.


"All of our orders were shipped fast and were accurate. We sold around 200 pans and there was only a problem with one. Even the one issue was solved quickly."

Judy K.


"We sent in our fundraiser order for over 140 personalized cakepans only 2 weeks before Mother's Day. The folks in your shop got our order back to us in plenty of time to deliver every pan well before Mother's Day. There were no mistakes, no returns and the quality was great! Through the whole process your customer service and support was fantastic!"

Lisa M


"We had such a good response from the customers when they received their pans, many wanted to place orders for more! And they asked when we will be repeating the fundraiser."

Kasey K


"During my initial phone call, your customer service department spent over 20 minutes answering my questions and gave me great fundraising suggestions. I originally expected to sell 25 pans but instead sold 70 pans in 2 weeks by just having the demo pans available to my church congregation on Sundays. I already have people asking me when we're selling them again. Its a great product!"

Michelle H.


"Compared to personalized pans I have seen in other catalogs, you had a much larger choice of cover designs that really appealed to our buyers. Also, your cooperation in adding two special designs, which we requested, was very much appreciated. Whever I called or emailed a question, it was answered immediately and very courteously. Thank you."

Jennette H.


"Your product is first-rate. Your service is the best! You are a pleasure to work with. This was the easiest and most satisfying fundraiser we've ever had."

Rhonda J.


"That's My Pan is one of the best companies I have ever worked with for fundraising. They provided us with quality samples & superior products at a reasonable price. All errors were immediately corrected & all shipping was in a very timely manner. We never waited more than 6 days for an order. Your employees are the best! Well trained, courteous & polite. I would highly recommend your company to others."

Clarice P.


"I was very happy with this fundraiser. The pans really sell themselves. It was very fast and easy. I received my pans within a week of placing my order. The staff is very easy to work with. Any problem that I had, they fixed with a phone call."

LouAnn Y.


"My fundraiser for the American Cancer Society started by my sister giving me a pan for my birthday last August. I took a cake to work and everyone asked me where I got it. I ended up ordering about 60 pans from co-workers. In fact my boss Laurie did a fundraiser for her daughter's soccer team. When I found out I had breast cancer I signed a team up for our Relay for Life. Kim had special cancer & relay lids done. We sold over 200 pans for our fundraiser. I was very pleased even if I didn't sell as many as I was hoping. You're doing a great job and have a great product. Thanks for all your hard work & to Kim for being so very, very helpful!!"

Nancy T.


"This fundraiser was very easy & people loved their pans. Everyone likes to "display" their interests! The customer service was an absolute A+!"

Amy W.


"We are very happy with your service - it is a new type of fundraiser for our area & is catching on quick! We love our pans!"

Krys J.


"This was our best fundraiser yet! Easy seller."

Judy B.


"I was so happy to work with your company because your company provides great quality, quick delivery, great customer service and satisfaction."

Millie P.


"We had a great experience with our pan fundraiser. We raised $850 with little effort. The product is excellent, your service and turn around time was unbelievably fast. Our customers were very happy with their pans. Many people ordered more than one for gifts."

Linda P.