Personalized Pie Pans

That's My Pan!® is proud to introduce our personalized 9' pie pan with a personalized snap-on lid. We begin with a heavy guage, quality, American-made pie pan and then apply our proprietary, texturized coating to both sides of the aluminum lid in one of 4 beautiful colors. This is not a spray paint like you will find on lesser imitations! This is a rich, thick coating that gives depth to our artwork and naturally hides fingerprints and other blemishes. It is also far more durable and scratch resistant than spray paints.

Once you've chosen your lid color, we have 100 artwork choices you can elect to have put on the lid of your custom pie dishes along with your name - we will also engrave your name into the bottom of these custom pie dishes. You will never again lose your pan or end up with a mismatched lid & pan after the next party or potluck!