2018 Fundraiser Registration Now Open


We are pleased to announce that the 2018 fundraiser registration is now officially opened!  Registration is easy, just go here:


or call us 1-800-332-2707


2018 Fundraiser Update

We listened, and continue to optimize…
  1. We have frozen prices at 2017 levels for 2018, at a minimum!  Some item prices are going down a little.  We will also do more sales specials for our fundraiser partners during 2018.
  2. We have split off the order form from the fundraiser brochure and added a separate order form.  So, instead of a 24×11” combination brochure/order form like we had in 2017, 2018 fundraisers will get a 24×11” brochure and a 24×11” order form.This expansion has allowed us to display many more products, many more art choices, and have more detailed explanations of product attributes.  The brochure and order form are designed to be used together.  When someone lays the pan side of the brochure on the table, you can lay out the pan side of the order form right next to the brochure and everything you need to order will be right there.
  3. Every brochure contains an offer of a free Bakeware Buddy for every first order of at least $30 from your customers!   We believe this free offer will drive your sales at zero cost to you. Your fundraiser will receive the brochures, ordering forms and bakeware buddy’s free of charge, maximizing your profits.
  4. The free fundraiser management site has been updated and streamlined to simplify the process of entering orders. And of course, the free online ordering website remains a popular way to make additional sales.
If you would like a sneak peak preview of the new brochure and new order form please click here:    https://www.thatsmypan.org/brochure

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