A September to Remember

We love to help you and your group succeed, and what better way than to run a contest that incentivizes your group on top of our already excellent payout?

So yes, we are running our first contest of the fall for our registerred fundraisers to help get off to a fast start to fall fundraising. And the good news is, you’re hearing about this at same time as them, so you can jump on board and claim a slice of pie too!

Here’s how it works: Every new item that is submitted in a bulk order from September 1, until the end of the day September 30 counts towards the contest. Items can be from the brochure order entry, directly from the customer ordering website or entered through your fundraiser back office! The prizes are in addition to any other profits and rebates you will receive.

Leverage Our Tools

The contest is designed to give you another reason to build excitement for your group.

Use this as an opportunity to encourage your group to support  your goal. We have an easy forward email system that will give you a great start!

And as a new fundraiser, we are still offering a free personalized cutting board when you register! You can personalize this cutting board however you wish, and use it to showcase the quality of our engraving! It comes with our yet to be released to the public home sweet home design, and your personalization!

Use this special link to qualify for the free cutting board:

==> https://www.thatsmypan.com/go17

If you are one of the first 100 fundraisers to register, we will personalize your cutting board and send it to you with your registration materials, for free!

If you prefer to call and talk to our awesome customer service team, just be sure to mention the free cutting board and that you heard it from this email!

Best Regards,

That’s My Pan!®

P.S. Those groups who use this contest to build excitement will generate the most overall sales this fall, guaranteed!

==> https://www.thatsmypan.com/go17

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