Few things are as personal to an individual as the mug from which they drink their morning coffee. Like blue jeans, slippers, or chairs – people have definite ideas about what makes a good coffee mug and everyone has a favorite style. Others need not apply! A beautiful, new pair of correctly sized designer-label jeans isn’t the same as the pair that’s been like a second skin for months. The same can is true of shoes, and chairs, and most definitely of coffee mugs. The mug that makes one person’s heart go pitter patter will likely as not, leave another person’s cold.

The modern coffee mug successfully replaced its predecessor, the teacup, for several good reasons. One, teacups don’t hold enough. Two, they’re thin, and their contents cool quite rapidly. Three, they don’t travel well. Four, they’re difficult to hold. And that’s without even mentioning the whole pinky up thing! Coffee mugs, compared to teacups, are practical and versatile. They keep a decently sized cup of coffee hot long enough to drink it, they’re easily grasped and mobile and lend themselves well to being carried. The allure of a great mug has as much to do with the individual as it does the mug, and it’s for this reason that a great mug merchant offers something for all.

When it comes to coffee mugs, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. In fact, many would say that individual preferences regarding favorite mugs begin with how much they hold. Not every person wants the same amount of coffee in the morning. One woman wants a precise 11-ounce mug of coffee each morning, and not a drop more. Another fills and refills a larger mug, taking it with her as she wanders around the house, losing it at times, then, upon finding it, reheats its contents in the microwave, adds a bit more from the pot and repeats the process.

It’s not just about size, however. Shape matters, too. Some people like their mugs to have curves. The curved outline of a shapely mug gives the nod to their feminine appreciation for things girly. How many fingers fit comfortably through the handle is an important consideration for many. Most people like to be able to comfortably fit all if not most of their fingers around the mug’s handle. After all, if they’d wanted to pinch it, they could have stuck with the teacup!

Coffee mugs are a great way to make personal statements. For every person, there’s a hobby. For every hobby, there’s a photograph, a meme, or a logo. Gift your favorite photographer just the right mug emblazoned with “Warning! I may snap at any time!” and you’ll make a friend for life. Give an angler a mug with a photo of a fish hook and the words, “Keeping it Reel,” and you might just get invited to his favorite fishing place. Every grandmother’s heart goes soft at her grandchild’s handprint, and anyone that lets her dog ride in the car is going to love a mug with his mug on it.

Mugs serve as reminders of things which are important to people. They provide a means of keeping close those things which are precious, be they values, people, or memories. Imagine the young mother, sitting behind her desk at work, drinking coffee from a cup with her curly-haired little boy’s face looking solemnly back at her. His photo upon the coffee mug from which she drinks her coffee each morning reminds her of why she’s doing what she’s doing, and for whom she is working. Coffee mugs make an easy, inexpensive gift, one likely to be treasured for many years. They’re often given on birthdays and at Christmas, but the truth is, they make a great gift at any time!

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