After a sharp set of knives, a good, solid cutting board is a cook’s most useful tool. This essential kitchen item may be made of wood, tempered glass, plastic, or other materials, and many cooks enjoy having multiple cutting boards for different purposes. The most popular materials for cutting boards are wood and tempered glass, and they both have advantages.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wood is a beautiful material, and a cutting board made of a high-quality and durable wood, like maple or acacia, has a certain aesthetic appeal. For many cooks, the cutting board is the centerpiece of the kitchen, kept on display and ready for use at all times. In addition, wood provides an ideal cutting surface that won’t dull the edge of a knife. Other materials like glass and slate are much harder and wear down knives much faster. Another benefit of wood is that it is resistant to bacteria. Studies have shown that wood actually compares favorably to plastic in inhibiting bacteria growth. If bacteria is trapped within the cells of a wooden cutting board, the bacteria die quickly.

Acacia wood is a hardwood whose natural oils make it water resistant. The Acacia Wood Paddleboard is a beautiful example of how this wood can be put to use. Oak is another hardwood that is used in cutting boards, like the 8×8 Solid Oak Cutting Board. Maple is by far the most popular wood due to its availability as a renewable resource and its tight grain structure, which makes it relatively non-porous. The light-colored Maple Cutting Boards also have a fine and subtle grain that many find appealing.

All of these wooden cutting boards can be made even more attractive by adding a design. That’s My Pan! offers more than 100 unique designs for the acacia and maple cutting boards, and all designs can be personalized with up to 38 characters of text. The oak cutting boards are also available in a wide range of appealing designs, but without the option of personalization.

Tempered Glass

While wooden cutting boards must be washed by hand, boards made of tempered glass can go straight into the dishwasher. Since they are non-porous, they’re easy to keep clean and very hygienic. They’re also extremely durable and resistant to cuts and scratches even after a great deal of use. Another benefit of tempered glass is that it’s heat-resistant, so a glass cutting board can conveniently double as a hot pad.

Glass cutting boards come in a wide variety of richly colored designs, and many people prefer them as an item of décor as well as a functional kitchen tool. That’s My Pan! has twelve different artistic designs to complement any kitchen. All of the designs can be personalized.

Benefits of Personalizing Cutting Boards

Personalizing an item like a cutting board makes it one of a kind. If you give one as a gift, it symbolizes the personal connection you have to the recipient and shows that you were thinking only of him or her. Personalizing a cutting board with a name or a special phrase can add sentimental value, making it a cherished possession rather than simply a generic tool. By choosing among a vast array of patterns and adding a unique message, customers of That’s My Pan! can design a beautiful and distinctive cutting board that will be an asset to any kitchen.

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