Laser Engraved Cake Pan and Lid Set

We all seem to have a favorite cake pan, don’t we? No matter how many we add to our collection over the years, we’re continually drawn to the one go-to choice. It’s the faithful pan we can always count on to bake evenly, keep the edges as soft and springy as the center, release when the right time rolls around and even hold up to the perils of everyday life. Having its own lid only sweetens the pot; after all, there’s plenty to be said for not having to fight the plastic wrap or worry about aluminum foil ruining our painstaking frosting efforts.

In truth, it’d be the perfect pan for transporting cakes to family gatherings, dinner parties and church socials if not for the thought of it walking away in the wrong hands or coming home with someone else’s lid attached. At That’s My Pan! ®, we have the solution. Our personalized cake pans are sure to become your new favorite at home and on the go without the risk of unfortunate mix-ups.

Our traditional 9×13″ personalized cake pan is made of sturdy heavy-gauge aluminum, so it’ll produce the even baking results you’re looking for while keeping your delectable works of art in one piece until they reach their destinations. Large rolled edges make sliding it into and out of the oven, as well as carrying it, simple and secure. For that extra touch, your name will be laser-engraved into the long edge of pan.


To seal the deal in a manner of speaking, each pan comes with a personalized coated aluminum cover designed to keep your baked goods fresh and protected from the outside world until it’s time for the big reveal. We offer you a choice of ten different colors in smooth, textured or semigloss finishes. Whether you’re looking for one to match your other kitchenware or stand out in a crowd, you’re sure to find it.

Choose one of the messages we’ve provided or create your own customized wording for your lid, and add a design from our selection of 100 images. Your text and picture will be laser-engraved on your cake pan’s cover as your permanent personalized mark. Browse our other products to create a complete set fitting for every occasion.


Not all that long ago, personalizing our favorite cake pans and serving bowls meant bringing out the pens and masking tape or not-so-permanent markers. No doubt, many of us still have a few dishes and lids marred with the telltale sticky, unsightly residue or faded remnants of our names from gatherings past. Some of us even went so far as to carve our marks in our take-along dishes with knives or pins only to still go home with a mismatched set.


In life, some of our fondest memories revolve around food in some way. Some of those memories also happen to include a twinge of resentment over the loss of our best dishes and covers. With personalized cake pans and lids from That’s My Pan! ®, it’ll no longer be a problem.


Our personalized cake pans make great gifts for yourself or someone close to you. Pick your pan and lid, choose a customized message and picture, and take advantage of our free laser-engraving services. You’ll be proud to say, “That’s My Pan”, and both the pan and lid will stay with you through years of family dinners, parties, potlucks and other events.

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