Monthly Archives: March 2017

  We all seem to have a favorite cake pan, don’t we? No matter how many we add to our collection over the years, we’re continually drawn to the one go-to choice. It’s the faithful pan we can always count on to bake evenly, keep the edges as soft and springy as the center, release […]

It’s an age old conundrum; what do you buy the person who has everything? Truly, there are few people who actually have everything, and especially items personalized especially for them. So, when you’re trying to think of what to buy that “hard to buy” person, why not think about personalized items? Since we were children, […]

After a sharp set of knives, a good, solid cutting board is a cook’s most useful tool. This essential kitchen item may be made of wood, tempered glass, plastic, or other materials, and many cooks enjoy having multiple cutting boards for different purposes. The most popular materials for cutting boards are wood and tempered glass, […]

New Glass Cutting Boards

Our glass cutting boards continue to be a very popular item, and we just added four new designs to replace some of the designs that we are no longer able to get. These are great for cutting, but also a lot of people use them as trivets, and they are great for that as well. Made […]