About Us

In a nutshell, we believe in good old fashioned cooking and personalized customer service. In July of 2002, the owners purchased a small engraving business that had begun to offer the personalized cake pans.

That's My Pan!® now offers a wide variety of personalized and engraved products including cake pans, Klean Kanteens®, cutting boards, and more for retail customers and group fundraisers.

The current owner David Noddin quickly expanded the product line and now offer a large selection of personalized kitchen and other personalized products.

Located in Chippewa Falls, WI, That's My Pan!® now sells over 20 different types of products and is seeing significant demand from fundraising groups in all 50 states.

Schools, churches, and other groups fund raise with That's My Pan!® because of its high quality products and profitable programs.

Many retail customers are now repeat customers as they keep coming back to purchase gifts for family and friends.

What makes That's My Pan!® stand out?

  • Customer satisfaction comes first
  • Unlimited Lifetime 100% Guarantee
  • Superior product quality. Not the cheap stuff
  • Low cost, great profits for fundraisers
  • Fast delivery
  • Ultimate customization. Names, logos, unique identifiers
  • Did we mention customer satisfaction comes first?

About Dave Noddin

David is a chemical engineer by training and came to be a laser engineer by hobby. 20 years ago David was recruited to Supercomputer Systems Inc. by Bill after spending the previous 6 years developing advanced polymer composites. They've worked together ever since.

No detail for making cake pans is too small for Dave to dive into including metal procurement & metal forming, powder coating, and of course laser maintenance and advanced laser programming. "There is actually a lot to this business to keep my inner geek satisfied."

Our business has also enabled David to occasionally venture out into the public where he honestly enjoys meeting and learning from our truly nice customers.